Friday, 25 January 2013

An Introduction to Historical Wargaming

I recently made this video in an attempt to try and help potential historical gamers in terms fo rule sets to try out and where to look for figures:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Army Painter Quickshade

I've just started using the Army Painter Quickshade, and I have to say I LOVE it. If you want a good looking on the table FAST this is the stuff to use, I'll defenately be using it for most of my wargaming projects form now on. Check out my video of it here on YouTube:



Monday, 21 January 2013

Baccus DBA Army

I recieved my Baccus DBA army through the post today, and I have to say I am amazed with the detail! I've used 6mm figures before from both Heroics & Ros and GHQ and while they both produce nice figures Baccus has to take first prize in my opinion.
Here are some photos of the figures so you can see the amazing detail for yourself:

Everything I got in the pack:
 Triarii Command:
 Only bit of flashing I found on any of the figures, shouldn't be too hard to fix:




 Celtic Warband:
 Celtic Cavalry:

 Balearic Slingers:

Stay tuned for more updates on this project...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Projects!

I have just embarked on a project that will take me through (hopefully) years of exciting gaming, I have just started a 28mm Roman army taht i can use with Clash of Empires, War & Conquest, Hail Caesar etc. I currently have just over 100 Romans (unpainted, not even off their sprues) So I am pretty much set in terms of choice of units.

I am also about to start playing DBA... in 6mm! More on this to come...

I've had a HUGE clear out of my wargaming bits and pieces, sold off some rulebooks and minis ready to focus on my Romans and DBA. I am also getting into Bolt Action, I have a small Waffen SS force that I'm working on and will continue to do so until I have around 1000 pts.

Stay tuned for more info on DBA and CoE!