Monday, 16 July 2012


In the next month or so I hope to get in a few games of 'Flaming Aces' and 'Battle: War at sea' in order to properly test the rules and try to iron out any issues with them. If anyone wouldn't mind doing the same and letting me know what you guys think, I'd appreciate it!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Naval Rules Uploaded!

I have been working on my naval rules for a few days, the first draft has now been uploaded!

Naval Rules

I have just started work on a '1 page rules' set for naval gaming, a bit of a challenge to include everything yes, but I think I have captured the 'feel' of modern naval combat without going into too much detail, allowing for fast and furious play!

If you have any ideas on what sort of things I could include, please comment below!

First Rules Set Online!

My first rules set is now online and ready to download, head over to the 'Free Rules' section of the blog to download it!

Free Wargaming Rules

Hey guys, this is the start of my blog, most of my wargaming antics can be found on my YouTube channel 'TheTabletopGamer' this blog will simply be used as a place to allow people to access the free wargames rules I create, and to give feedback on them!